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eZee Parts

eZee Parts logo

How it started

GTE Custom Vans and Seat Surgeons have been working together now for approximately 10 years and the idea for GTE Seat Covers was born from this alliance.  During this time Seat Surgeons have controlled the manufacturing and GTE Custom Vans the Sales.  Over the years we have shared our experience, skills and resources with the common goal of creating a product to be proud of and a customer-focused approach.  In these respects our key company values have aligned themselves so closely, we felt it was time to fully collaborate our efforts by opening this exciting new company “eZee Parts”.

You’re in capable hands

Between Seat Surgeons and GTE Custom Vans, we have over 40 years of experience in the Custom Vehicle industry.  We have several ideas for exciting new custom parts which we are working on with various manufacturers, and we have a wealth of combined knowledge for our customers to tap into ensuring they get the best custom interiors and vehicles on offer. 

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